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How To Spend Within The Budget When Moving

There are a lot of factors to consider when moving and the budget should be your primary concern. You may not notice it but you are already spending more because of petty and little expenses that accumulate. Than how much moving cost you ask ? You need to think wisely and make budget allocations. List down all the major expenditures that you will incur such as the cost of your plane tickets, the charges of the moving company and of all the packing materials you will need for your things..


Are you moving to a different city or to a new place within the same state? If you are renting this new place, you will have to spend more. Renting a new space would usually entail making advance payments as well as deposits. The cost of moving may overwhelm your budget so carefully plan this major decision you are going to make. Compute how much moving costs and compare it with your income. Will you have enough money afterwards to spend for all your other needs? Weigh it out and consider all possibilities, you cannot let this change affect your finances adversely. still asking how much moving cost ? call us at 800 770 4200 we can help.

MOVING DOCUMENTS: Typically a legible copy of your Bill of lading and your Descriptive Inventory are required for most claims. If they are available please submit copies of your Bill of Lading and the Descriptive Inventory  which you signed at the time your shipment was delivered.

OTHER DOCUMENTS: if necessary you may submit additional information in support of your claim.


Your claim must be sent via the US Postal Service. Once we receive your claim it is entered in our computer database system and a file is created. We check the submitted claim for completeness. A claim is not considered submitted unless all the elements constituting a claim are present – a letter describing specifically what was damaged or lost; a copy of the move documents; pictures of the damaged items.

If your claim is not complete we send you a notice (via email or mail) of what items are still needed for your claim. Your file is posted in our computer system as PENDING until we receive the missing information.


Careful and Wise Planning.

Just like any decision you make, moving to a new place requires a lot of careful planning. Plan ahead and plan well. In planning to move, include the following:

  • When to move;
  • When to start packing and preparing all the stuff to bring;    
  • How to move and what means of transportation is needed;   
  • How to set up your new place;   
  • What to do with all the stuff you left;
  • What other things to settle before leaving your old home.

Prepare a Budget Plan

In your budget, include the following:

  • Transportation expenses (by land, air or sea);
  • Packing materials;  
  • Packing services, in case you need the assistance of one;
  • Cost of setting up your new home;   
  • New appliances or fixtures you may need in your home;
  • Advance rental payment and deposits.

In the planning stage, you should already decide whether you would sell or donate the stuff you will be leaving behind. In case you decide to sell them, you can make use of the proceeds of the sale. Thus, lessen the financial burden of moving. You can also be creative and spend less on the packing materials by using your old boxes or ask from friends, neighbor or relatives if they have spare boxes.

Organize your things

Moving can be chaotic and very stressful. You must patiently decide which things to bring with you. This can be the very tiring part of moving to a new space. You must be able to decide which things need more strong packaging since you may have fragile stuff with you. Or you may have overly big appliances such as your refrigerator, washing machine and the like. At this stage, you may decide to sell them instead of spending more in transporting them. De-clutter your old house and bring only with you the essentials.

Involve everybody

You should not be doing everything. Encourage the other family members especially the kids to help you out. Reach out to friends and ask their help during their free time. You may be out of touch for a while, use this time to bond with friends before you leave the neighborhood. Remember, packing can be fun with your loved ones around!

Think of other options

If you think that doing all the packing would stress you out and consume much of your time, maybe hiring experts to do it for you is a better idea. This is the very reason why you should evaluate your budget. If you can afford it, why not? You can then sit back, relax and think of what is ahead of you. However in choosing your mover, inquire from them the actual costs that you will need to spend. There may be hidden charges that you would not like to spend on.

Avail of tax benefits

Transferring to a new house may provide you with tax incentives. Inquire from your local taxing authorities if you can claim as a deduction all the money you have spent.

Check the internet

Nowadays where lot of air carriers are competing, traveling by air may even be cheaper compared to land or sea travel. Grab this opportunity and avail of this amazing benefits. With the bulk of cargo you will be transporting, this could be very expensive on your part. So check the internet once in a while and don’t let this chance pass.
Finally, with all these preparations, you are now ready to move to a fresh and better home. Setting up you new home will be a challenge but with all the tips you have learned, you are now better prepared and equipped.



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