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Ld Additional Services

Long distance additional services charges

Service DefinitionCharges
1. Waiting Time – anytime that the truck and crew are waiting idle after 2 hours, as a result of customer not having been prepared.

A. $40.00 per hour per man, min. 4 hours,

plus $100.00 per hour per vehicle.

B. $150.00 overnight waiting.

2. Long Carry – begins after 50 ft.: Defined as each unit of 50 feet from the trailer to the entrance of the living quarters or entrance of elevator: includes parking lots, crossing lawns, lobby and hallway in apartment buildings. It is 100% the discretion of the driver to decide if he can fit SAFELY in “one way” and narrow streets.A) $3.60 per 100 lbs. per each “long carry” unit

3. Stairs/flight/Incline – up or down each flight of stairs in a single family home, multi-family home and apartment building.

One flight is seven (7) or more stairs. If the front yard is a steep incline of over 20 feet, the driver has the discretion of deeming the long Carry OR Incline.

A. $3.60 per 100 lbs. per flight.
4. Packing/ unpacking boxes – for pre-arranged packing services consult the schedule Packing/ materials Price List./ Last minute unplanned packing./A. Per Box

5. Piano and other Expensive/ Irregular Items

only on delivery

A. $250.00, no coverage
6. Shuttle Service– when the truck can not access the alley or street safely the driver has the discretion whether to conduct a long carry service or use a smaller size truck in order to get as close to the resident.

A. Truck Rental plus $3.60 per 100 lbs.

B. Truck rental rates estimated at minimum $250 ( covering truck, mileage and fuel only)



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