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Moving Claims Resolution


For Claims Information please read the requirements & regulations to ensure a smooth resolution for your claim

In the unlikely event you may realize that some of your goods are damaged or missing, or if you feel that you have been over-charged or charged for services that you didn’t received prior, during or after services were completed, all customers fully understand that they must initially give the service provider (Moving Company) the first right to fully investigate and respond in writing with a Moving claims resolution to their issues.

To start your claim/complaint process, please log on to WWW.MYMOVECLAIM.COM. When entering the site, click on the FILE YOUR MOVING CLAIM / COMPLAINT tab and register your claim information. Please have your full name as it appears on the bill of lading (Contract), the legal name of your service provider (Moving Company), your order number or move confirmation number, an email address, and a valid phone number where we can contact you.

Upon receiving your information online, a Claim Acknowledgment Confirmation Notice will be sent to you via email, confirming that your claim/complaint has been received and start the process toward a Moving claims resolution through our system. Note: Please make sure to check your junk or spam folders for our email confirmation. If you need to contact us via phone, feel free to call us at: (877) 476-5983

Filing A Claim:

If household goods items are damaged or lost while in the care of your mover, you have the right to file a claim to be compensated for loss or damage. You have 9 months from the date of delivery (or in the event of loss for the entire shipment, from the date your shipment should have been delivered) to file your claim. Intrastate/ local customers should consult their paperwork or with the local Department of Transportation for their state claim requirements.

  • Brief typed letter stating your claim, describing the damage or loss sustained and any grievances.
  • A copy of the Bill of Lading (contract) from your move. If available, please supply the copy signed at the time of delivery.
  • A copy of your Household Goods Descriptive Inventory. If available, please supply the copy signed at the time of delivery.
  • Pictures of the damaged items which clearly convey the extent and severity of the damage.
  • Completed Claim Information Sheet Claim Work Sheet
  • Receipt proof of purchase for claimed items.
  • Manufacturer, Model information & Year purchased.
  • 2 Repair estimates for damaged items. Estimates must be limited to the damage sustained during the move, clearly describe the intended repair and the cost for each repair.
  • State the value or amount you are seeking to recover for each item claimed.

Third Party Insurance claims should be directed to that companies claims department for assistance. Anthem Claim Management does not process insurance claims. A claim should also be  submitted to Anthem Claim Management within 9 months from the date the shipment was delivered in order to preserve your rights. Your insurance carrier may assume recovery rights and subrogate your claim to the moving company through Anthem Claim Management.



CLAIM FORMS: Claims forms may be obtained forms may be downloaded from this site or they can be mailed or emailed to you. Claims forms should be completely filled out and should accurately reflect and describe the items you are claiming.

MOVING DOCUMENTS: Typically a legible copy of your Bill of lading and your Descriptive Inventory are required for most claims. If they are available please submit copies of your Bill of Lading and the Descriptive Inventory  which you signed at the time your shipment was delivered.

OTHER DOCUMENTS: if necessary you may submit additional information in support of your claim.


Your claim must be sent via the US Postal Service. Once we receive your claim it is entered in our computer database system and a file is created. We check the submitted claim for completeness. A claim is not considered submitted unless all the elements constituting a claim are present – a letter describing specifically what was damaged or lost; a copy of the move documents; pictures of the damaged items.

If your claim is not complete we send you a notice (via email or mail) of what items are still needed for your claim. Your file is posted in our computer system as PENDING until we receive the missing information.


If you insured your move with a third party insurance company or through your homeowners policy, contact them first. They will process your claim and get with us after settling with you.


 Once we receive a complete claim we notify you that the claim has been received. We use the United States Postal Date Stamp to date your claim start date. The claim then goes to our certified adjusters for review. The adjusters look at your contract to see at what valuation you released your shipment.


Your moving company cannot issue you insurance! They are however obliged by their tariffs to provide two valuation options.

Full Replacement Value which asks the shipper to set a valuation on their entire shipment and then, based on weight, assigns a value per pound. This has deductibles and the carrier can charge based on their tariff.

Limited Liability is the second basic option offering valuation of $0.60 cents per pound per article – there is no cost for this coverage.


The adjuster reviews your claim and compares it to the REMARKS/EXCEPTIONS made by you on the Household Goods Descriptive Inventory List (local moves do not generally have an Inventory List. Remarks can be made separately on the Bill of Lading). They compare this list with the pictures of the damaged items. They also look for items declared as “extraordinary value” such as paintings or jewelry. These items must be declared on a separate inventory list called “Items of Extraordinary Value” and must have been filled out prior to moving.


Once the adjuster determines the claim settlement amount, a letter is sent out to you. The letter contains an explanation of how the claim was adjusted and a “Release and Settlement of Claim” form. This form shows the amount of the claim and the conditions of accepting the claim. All that is required is your notarized signature. Once you mail this form back to us, we record it in your file and forward it on to your moving company for payment.


Please remember, we are a third party claims company. We do not issue your check – your contract is with the moving company and they must issue you a check.


For a more detailed explanation of valuation click visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Arbitration program:

Arbitration provides a neutral platform where both parties may present their cases to an impartial arbitrator who will evaluate the evidence and render a decision. Typical cases brought before an arbitrator involve service related disputes and compensation for damage or loss. Arbitration is much more cost effective than litigation yet often yields similar results. Each party will represent themselves without the need for attorneys.

All carriers have the right to try and settle a claim directly with their customers prior to proceeding with arbitration. Unless a claim has been filed and a resolution has been offered, no arbitration can be offered.